Why become an embassador?

People, business, associations… ambassadors are residents, local actors or native country Vitre wich are found in the shared values of “L’Effet Vitré”. The aim is to unite under one banner all the actors of the territory to increase awareness Vitré area, to bring more companies and tourists.
Ambassadors actively contribute to the attractiveness of the territory

How become ambassador ?

To rejoin the network, you had to complete the information card clicking on « Become ambassador ». This is is an undertaking. You have to explain why you want to become ambassador and how you coulb help the development of the territory.

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Club Grand S

Club Grand S is an association bringing together service companies from the country of Vitré. “The Club Grand S is driven by values common to the Vitreous Effect”, develops Serge Filatre, President. “We organize corporate awards that reward companies in the territory of the country of Vitré that stand out in different categories: dynamism, creation, transmission …” The association also sets up thematic meetings for companies.
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