unemployment rate (2nd term 2016)

+ de 40%

percentage of people who work in the industry (national average : 13%)


number of jobs in logistics in 2016 and 2017


percentage of people aged between 15 ans 64 who have a job


productive base per inhabitant (the higest compared to 220 urban communities in France)


L’Effet Vitré, entrepreneurship

A unique

A dense economical fabric

“Vitré Communauté” has a strong rate of job creation: +2,2% in 2015

This growth is thanks to a diversified industry and a constant development in sectors such as logistics, electronics and digital technologies…

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Our difference is that people have a personal contact providing assistance and support. This contact assistthem in finding the right location, suitable accommodation and support with administrative procedures, training, recruitment…

‘Vitre Communauté’ has a personal commitment with the companies: ‘Vitré Communauté’ has invested 52 million euros since 2001 in construction and extension of more than 30 buildings to anticipate and accompany the needs of businessmen.

‘Vitré Communauté’ has money in reserve and is able to lay-out plots and sites for big projects and various business sectors.

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The food-processing industry : Vitré's DNA.

Why develop its food-processing business in the country of Vitré?

The answer

The food-processing

Electronics and innovation

An innovative industry

The excellence of the branch of industry of the country of Vitré is the one exception. How to explain it?

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Partners working together :

Each year and for a day, businessmen and local councillors meet, exchange and work out solutions. This habit of collaborative work has enabled them to network and have the ability to share problems and interests in term of :

• recruitment and professional training
• employees on short term contracts when there are fluctuations of work in companies
• technology and shared skills
• flow management
• services to employees

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Vitré is like a big town !

Vitré is not a big city but it is a friendly and welcoming town. Businessmen and entrepreneurs will find a pleasant way of life and numerous services  to assist with the development of their companies and also the well-being of their families.

More particularly for companies, Vitré and its suburbs provide services in term of institutional catering, transport between the station and the commercial sites, child-minding (inter-company day-care centres, nursing at home for parents with atypical working hours), recruitment, training and also housing.

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A place of discovery of the companies of Vitré Communauté.

Do you know them ?

What do they produce ? how ? for whom ? what are their jobs ?

What are the characteristics of the local economy ?

Why ? What is it history ?

You will find the answers in the companies information center. This place of discovery of the local companies is open to everyone and free.

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Companies information center

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L'Effet Vitré

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