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Collective, realism and requirement. These values are the strength of the economic fabric of Vitre. Indeed, local economic actors have collaborative work habits. They know each other and create synergies with objective : the performance.


The food-processing industry represents 40% of the industrial jobs. This sector has developed from the local farming fabric.
Here are some of them : SVA Jean Rozé, Gatine Viandes, Lactalis, Tendriade, Sojasun, Vandermoortele, Les Traiteurs de Paris, Neuhauser, Les Délices du Valplessis, Geldélis, les Vergers de Châteaubourg, Céréco, Loïc Raison, Saveurs Cristal……The food-processing industry represents nearly 5000 jobs.

This sector brings in activities of maintenance, packaging, personalization of products (Technopapier, Fromapac….), laboratory, specialized cleaning, management of by-products (Kervalis, SNC Cornillé..) and also in transportation and logistics (Transports Désert, Peigné, Panalog, Intermarché, STEF, Lahaye…).

Also in link with the farming sector, there are the manufacturers of seed and material such as Gruel Fayer, Sulky burel, JLC Développement, and  some cooperatives (Coopedom, Sanders, Districera, Glon….) which employ more than 400 people.


Technology, Equipment and innovation

60% of the industrial jobs come from various sectors such as electronics and communication Technologies (Thales Microelectronic, Oberthur Technologies, Allflex, Delta Dore, Bretagne, Telecom…), equipment, rubber and plastic (FAO, MMO, Mobiltron,pasquet Menuiserie, Design Parquet, Boursin Pavitub, Evema, Gémy, Ferron, Cooper, Allflex, La Française des Plastiques…..), leather and shoe industry (Texier, Noël..) and also chemistry and pharmacy (BCM Cosmétique, Hydrachim, Kwizda, Eurimex Pharma, Serviphar…).Like the food-processing industry, this strong density of manufacturing units requires suppliers and local providers which constitute a strong fabric of small and medium-sized companies.


The building industry : they are represented by craftsmen from Vitré and its suburbs. Some of them have chosen to be based at the ‘Artipôle’ in Saint Didier (10km from Vitré). There are also production companies and specialised materials such as Xelis and Denis Matériaux.

Vitré Communauté, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry and some companies from Vitré will open in September 2016 a co-working space and a digital manufacturing workshop in the heart of Vitré and near the train station.

The FIVE will have 3 main functions :

a business incubator : the objective is to create a favourable environment  for starting a business by suggesting to entrepreneurs support and services enabling them to materialize their ideas.

a co-working space : it is open to employees and self-employed people wishing to set up a working community and put services together.

a digital workshop to put shared tools at technicians, engineers or even students’ disposal.

Start-up entrepreneurs, engineers or students interested in digital systems, free-lance consultants and self-employed graphic designers will find something of interest in this open working space.
Their goal is to exchange professional experiences,network, find new ideas, innovate or simply have the option to rent an office.

The address is : Place du Général de Gaulle in Vitré. First floor of the Tourist Office.


Clubs and networks

EVEIL : following Vitré Communauté’s initiative, some companies formed an association to work on possible eco-industrial synergies  within the area.

CLUSTER RFID BRETAGNE DEVELOPPEMENT : it is an association composed of professionals , offerers of products or services using RFID technologies and users of these same technologies in a logic of exchanges, a network work and  creations of values. It was created in 2007 by Vitré Communauté.

Club Grand S : association which federates service companies.

CCRE35 : Club des Créateurs et Repreneurs d’Entreprises.

Académie des métiers de l’industrie : information and promotion for  jobs in the industry thanks to a web site gathering information about companies and their jobs, professional training, job ads and brings businessmen together once a year to enhance newly graduates.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry : Unit of the C.C.I. in Rennes. It runs many different clubs and networks : Initiative France, service companies’ clubs……The C.C.I. is located at the M.E.E.F.

Maison de l’Emploi, de l’Entreprise et de la Formation (M.E.E.F.) : managed by a company director, it gathers different partners acting for integration,  professional training, unemployed people and the development of companies : Pôle Emploi, Mission Locale, integration service of Vitré Communauté, training institutions but also consular chambers : Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of Trade, Chambers of Agriculture…

Vitré Communauté offers technical support on economic and tourism development projects.  


Economic projects : corporate agribusiness sectors, craft, industrial, technology, ICT / Start-up services … Aid in setting up the territory (building, land), recruitment and training of employees, etc.

Contact: Economic Development Office – Tel. 02 99 74 52 61 – Mail: Marie Lafont and Véronique Lucas


Tourism projects : cottage, guest house, camping, recreational activities, discovery of heritage … The beginnings of the project for commercialization.

Contact : Tourist Office Tel. 02 99 74 52 61 – Mail: Nolwenn Batais

Support for development projects

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