Gift cards at the swimming pool of Vitré



Have fun, relax yourself, make sport, everything is possible at the swimming pool of the Bocage. To take advantage of all these services, the swimming pool launches their gift cards!



If you want to please at a friend and to allow him to take advantage of all the services of the swimming pool of the Bocage, we propose you 5 choices:
Monthly card “bathing” adults: for an unlimited access to the bathing during 30 days! 21,15 €
Monthly card “well-being”: for an unlimited access to saunas, hammams and space of relaxation during 30 days! 40 €
Card 10 entrances ” grown-up bathing “ 44,50 €
Card 5 sessions “hydrotherapy” 50 €
Card 5 sessions ” pack recovery “: for 5 sessions of hydrotherapy with the access to saunas, hammam and space of relaxation! 65 €
All the occasions are good to have fun !



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