A life
in a castle !

Dive into a world of castles for a few hours and visit the medieval city of Vitré and its fortified castle before making a detour via the 17th century to the world of Madame de Sévigné. You will also have the opportunity to make a stop in one of the many restaurants of the town.
If you feel like being a Lord a little bit longer, you can spend a night at the Château des Tesnières in Torcé. From there, you will be able to progress your journey to the Château de Fougères and the Château de Châteaugiron.

The castle museum of Vitré

Built on a rocky schist spur, the castle of Vitré offers an exceptional view of the town. It is today one of the most beautiful testimonies of the fortifications of the ‘Marches de Bretagne’ with its wooden draw-bridge, machicolations, loopholes…..and all the elements or parts? of a medieval castle.

Discover the multifaceted history of the town through its inheritance. During the day, the visits are devoted to historical sets of themes or one of the monuments in particular. Evening visits will enable you to discover or rediscover the town and its architecture thanks to the town lighting……there are 27 sets of themes in total.

For further information contact ‘service Ville d’Art et d’Histoire, Château de Vitré’  02 99 75 04 54 or the Tourist Office , place du Général de Gaulle 02 99 74 02 01.

Let’s be tempted by the guided visits

The museum of Rochers Sévigné

Madame de Sévigné discovered the Castle, the Breton home of her husband : Henri de Sévigné a few days after her wedding in August 1644. She fell in love with the place and came 16 times. She wrote almost a quarter of her work there.

Opening hours and booking 02 99 75 04 54

You can spend a pleasant evening in this neogothic castle situated in a magnificent park of 6 hectares. There are 4 suites,  a bedroom and a large Louis XVI  lounge.

More informations : www.chateau-des-tesnieres.com

The castle of Tesnières

The restaurants

In the heart of the town, there are many restaurants such as ‘La Soupe aux choux’ in an arched cellar,  ‘Les pieds sous la table’ in a building dating from the 16th century or ‘Aux Vieux Vitré’ in a wonderful house constructed in timber panelling. ‘La Place’ is also another nice place to eat in a friendly atmosphere with a view on the medieval castle of Vitré. There are also restaurant masters at ‘Le Pichet’, ‘Le Petit Bouchon’ and ‘Les Délices du Rocher‘ at the Rochers Golf course.

Click here to have access to the many restaurants.

Go further to La Guerche-de-Bretagne and wander in the old streets of the town. You can also make a stop at the restaurant ‘Les Marchands’ to enjoy grilled meat cooked in the fireplace.

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